Jonathan Brooks

At 14 Jonathan Brooks started washing dishes at a local jazz club. Traveling west after high school he developed a strong love of game and offal through his brother, an avid hunter and heroic eater. After cooking his way back east from Montana to Chicago and finally home to Indianapolis Jonathan opened his first restaurant Milktooth, a breakfast and lunch only fine diner, in 2014 to immediate success and acclaim, winning both Food and Wine’s Best New Chef and Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurant in 2015. Missing the dark promises of the night and their sacred ingredients Brooks opened Beholder with partner Josh Mazanowski in 2018.

Josh Mazanowski

Growing up in a large family in Indianapolis IN, Josh learned the importance of food and hospitality from his mom, who had an ability to feed large groups of people while making it seem effortless. She taught him that it’s not only about amazing food; it’s also about creating a comfortable, festive environment and by making sure everyone receives a warm greeting upon arrival, as well as a drink, of course. Spending 12 years in Seattle restaurants has prepared him to excel in his hometown of Indianapolis. Professionally discovering a true passion for food and wine in his early 20’s, he has worked for some great Chefs: Holly Smith of Cafe Juanita in Kirkland Washington, and Greg Hardesty at the now-closed Recess in Indianapolis. Josh received his Diploma Certificate in the International Sommeliers Guild in 2008 and the Court of Master Sommeliers Guild Level II in 2009. During the summer of 2009, he had the opportunity to work harvest with Travis Scarborough of Scarborough Winery, a small boutique operation in South Seattle. Soon after his first harvest he accepted the position of cellar manager. Josh spent three vintages with Scarborough and then moved back to Indianapolis in 2012 with his partner Bridgit and two children Stashu and True.  This summer, in July, Josh will be sitting for the Advanced Sommelier Examination for the Court of Masters Sommeliers Guild. Expect to see him on the floor opening bottles of wine when you visit the restaurant.

Beholder has been named one of the top 100 wine restaurants of 2018 & 2019 by Wine Enthusiast.